Contractor Bonds

Contractor Bonds

Nationwide Notary Bond Agency has been proudly serving Arizona businesses and contractors with notary bond, contractor bonds and surety credit for over 15 years. If you run a contracting business, you are required to let your customers know that you are bonded and insured. That is how you get your repeat business. Meeting those needs for you and other contractors in the great state of Arizona is how Nationwide gets ours.

At Nationwide Notary Bond Agency, we know that your customers expect quality service.

That doesn’t always happen.

A contractor bond is there for those times when faulty workmanship or fraud should occur during the normal course of business. Your contractor bond is your statement that indicates your licensing and accreditation is in compliance with national and state regulations.

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When you want a contractor bond, the application process is easy. In just a few minutes, fill out our easy form, and Nationwide Notary Bond Agency will get the process started for you. If you need a taxpayer bond or insurance on your bonds in Arizona, Nationwide Notary Bond Agency can manage that, too.

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Do You Need a Performance Bond?

A Performance bond is issued by an insurance company or bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. These are typically used as a collateral deposit of good faith money and can be used to secure a futures contract when needed. Performance bonds are typically used in construction and development to ensure the contractor or project manager can deliver the value of work incase of an unfortunate event or situation.

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Bringing you Peace of Mind

At Nationwide, we bring peace of mind to our customers so that you can bring peace of mind to yours. Nationwide Notary Bond Agency specializes in bonds for small and medium-sized contractors and offers programs for infrequent users of contract surety credit. Nationwide Notary & Bonds has been providing contractor bonds for the state of Arizona for over 15 years, and offers competitive and affordable rates with the superior service you need to apply for your bond and get it quickly.

Contact Nationwide Notary Bond Agency today to get help learning what kind of bond you need, how to apply, and how to submit your bond. With one easy application, we can get the process started for you in minutes.

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When your business needs protection with a contractor bond, contact Nationwide Notary Bond Agency. For over 15 years, Nationwide Notary Bond Agency has been serving Arizona contractors and builders with all of their bonding needs. We help our clients with bonds of all sizes. Choose from our flexible options for higher accounts, or from a program that offers contract surety credit for low or infrequent use. Contact us at Nationwide Notary and Bonds Agency today.